Golf is hard. This won’t help...

Even after your ball slices into the trees, your friends won’t be critiquing your swing, they’ll be admiring that you just tee'd off of a can...

Meet Shottee

The first & only golf tee for shotgunning right off your tee shot.


Best way to shotgun a beer

"Works perfectly, my friends and I used this for our longest drive challenge in our sloppy golf tournament."

–Adam O.

Great product

"Definitely made the golf game more interesting."

–Thomas K.

Changed my buddies bachelor party!

"I had to rush order my Shottee golf tees to get them in time for my buddies bachelor party I put on. We got a bunch of awesome videos of us enjoying the Shottee."

Weekend golfer

Works great, makes the best shotgun hole. I even use it when I’m not golfing. Good for golfers who just golf and drink because they suck.

Founded, Designed, & Shipped in America.

Shottee was first conceived in 2014 during a round. Five years later, Shottee was funded by the golf community through Kickstarter.


Pins & Aces

Shottee Golf is backed by the premier golf apparel and accessories golf company, Pins & Aces. They make some badass golf headcovers and accessories. Check them out with the link below!

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